FICO Xpress Mosel is now FREE and OPEN

Blog Post created by angelacarducci Advocate on Jan 4, 2018

FICO Xpress Mosel, the premier analytic orchestration, algebraic modeling, and programming language is now FREE and OPEN.


FICO is deeply committed to the field of mathematical optimization. By providing Xpress Mosel FREE to use, our industry-leading modeling language is now accessible to everyone.  We believe that every optimization or analytics project can benefit from the power of Xpress Mosel.


Today, optimization professionals create models in a wide variety of proprietary modeling languages or open source languages.  With the release of FREE Xpress Mosel, anyone can use the same technology as market leaders such as Southwest Airlines, Honeywell & Nestle without a fee.


Not only is Xpress Mosel FREE, but it is now OPEN to connect to 3rd party solvers (not just FICO Xpress Solver). Optimization professionals choose their solver technology based on their specific problem characteristics and their personal preferences. We believe OPEN Xpress Mosel is the best choice for modeling any problem type and then solving it with any solver technology available.


We invite the community to develop and share connectors to 3rd party solvers. We look forward to supporting you with your questions on the FICO Xpress Community site.


How can Xpress Mosel help advance the field of mathematical optimization?


  • Students will learn faster thanks to intuitive Xpress Mosel formulations. When additional depth is required, Xpress Mosel offers the most transparency into the optimization process.
  • Academic researchers and professors will have a faster and more concise way to invent/create complex optimization algorithms that can help advance the field.
  • Commercial technical users (solution developers) will be able to:
    • Ingest and output data from/to any data environment, on premises or in the cloud
    • Re-use their investments in analytic assets and processes
    • Model math using any solver and algorithm, no matter how complex
    • Take advantage of distributed computing for scalability
    • Rapidly deploy optimization into any use case, ranging from real-time AI systems, to collaborative business user environments and everything in between.
  • Executives and shareholders will benefit from the advantages Xpress Mosel gives them, due to it extremely fast time-to-market AND the ability to pivot rapidly when circumstances demand it.
  • All optimization users will benefit from the ability to rapidly develop solutions without spending 50-75% of their time debugging code.


Why should you consider Xpress Mosel? How is it unique?

  • It is a combined modeling and programming language
  • It supports the orchestration & execution of analytic models built in virtually any tool
  • It executes models much faster than many open source tools
  • It is a fast, efficient and economical algebraic modeling environment that allows models with hundreds of millions of decision variables
  • It is well suited for developing large and complex optimization models and it supports the implementation of advanced solution approaches within a modeling environment.
  • Xpress Mosel can separate math modeling logic from application logic and can be deployed in C/C++, Java, .NET, Excel, or invoked as a process from any other programming language.
  • It can be easily deployed as an application in FICO Xpress Insight, which provides a tight integration with the Xpress Solver engines.


Get Xpress Mosel for FREE by downloading the FICO Xpress Community License today! Be sure to visit the FICO Xpress Community to learn more about what you can do with FICO Xpress Optimization, download software, get support and talk to the experts!