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Announcement 1 Site maintenance and migration in progress.
Announcement:Site maintenance and migration in progress.

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Hello,   I am new in the Fico community.   During the modelling of a VRP I have run into a bunch of problems. Some I have solved, some I do not seem able to fix myself. I`d highly appriceate any help for the following two issues:   1.     In the attached code I continously encounter the issue of an index being

Andrew Flint
We all know that scorecards can be excellent predictive models, lauded for their combination of simplicity, transparency, and accuracy. And we also love machine learning algorithms for their highly automated and remarkably thorough search for signal. So if you’re already building random forests, gradient boosted trees or neural networks in
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An industry standard developed, updated and maintained by the Data Mining Group, Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) brings the full power of predictive models to bear on decision making, while ensuring that those writing the rules can see and understand the workings of the predictive model. The ability to import tree ensemble models as PMML