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Concurrent access with Database repository by RMA and Business application

Discussion created by Swaminathan Vetri on Dec 19, 2012
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I have a blaze rules project which stores the Rules in a database repository. The RMA in the production and the application which consumes the rules point to the same database. This left us with the option to freeze the RMA when the application is consuming the rules. Due to this, the business users are not able to effectively utilise the RMA's power to add more rules as and when they needed to. They have been made to wait until the end application completes.


To redesign this, I am thinking of doing the below things:

1. Let the RMA alone point to Database repository and store the new rules being added.

2. Have a Database monitor kind of process, which will generate adb files as and when any check in happens in RMA.

3. Make changes to the application to point to adb files to fetch the rules and apply on their business objects rather than taking them directly from database.


Is this a good way to do it? or are there any simpler approaches to redesign this system.


Any immediate help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,

Swaminathan Vetri