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Custom Association Provider

Discussion created by Altaf Syed on Nov 7, 2012
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I need help in implementing RMA requirement.


I need to fetch a list of values from database and display in RMA as a list box. Say I display a list of all user ids in the drop-down. When a user selects an ID from the drop-down list then I need to fetch the corresponding values from another table in the database where userid = the value selected in the drop down. Then I need to give an option to update the values returned from the second query. There are many userids, so the imp thing is to pass the selected user id in the "where" clause of second query so that I get only the corresponding values for the selected user.


I am thinking of implementing this with custom Association provider. Here is the snapshot of the implementation I am thinking of.


Implement custom Association provider to fetch all userids from database.


       Key: userid1

       Provider: custom database provider to fetch the values of userid1



       Key: userid2

       Provider: custom database provider to fetch the values of userid2


Is this implementation correct? If so, I need help in implementing custom Assoication Provider - which class should I extend to do so?


If the above implementation is not correct, please provide a better implementation approach.


Appreciate your help!