Paul Smock

RMA not working in IIS7 using Blaze Advisor 6.10.1 for .NET

Discussion created by Paul Smock on Nov 6, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by Dan Covaliu

I am totally new to Fico Blaze and I am going through the Introductory tutorial using FICO Blaze Advisor 6.10.1 for .NET. Everythign throughout the tutorial went seemlessly easy and I was quite impressed until I hit the module for generating the RMA. The RMA seems to have been generated successfully however the grid to edit the decision table is just one huge grey box on the screen rendering any attemp to edit impossible. I opened the solution and ran in debug to see it that fixed the problem however the underlying errors seem to point to a java ClassNotFound execption in a blaze dll.


Does anyone have an idea as to what I am missing?