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How to instantiate a List<object> in SRL

Discussion created by Stewart Sweet on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2012 by Tom Sheckells

Hello Everyone,


I am using the .NET version of Blaze and having some trouble instantiating a test object in SRL. I am using code like this in the initially section of a variable declaration:


Pretend myObjList is a List<MyObjListType> property on a .NET 3.5 object imported via Blaze's import wizard.


  myObjList = a List<MyObjListType>;

  myObjList[0] = a MyObjListType initially


    value1 = "val1";

    value2 = "val2";




When I run my project, it fails on myObjList[0] telling me the index is outside of the bounds of the List.


Any ideas are much appreciated :smileyhappy: