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Precompiled ADB dependant on custom provider classes?

Discussion created by Andreas Nilsen on Aug 22, 2012
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BA.NET 6.10.1, 64 bit:


I have a precompiled ADB of a rule service that utilizes custom providers.To my understanding providers are only used compile-time, and should not be a runtime dependency of a rule service loaded from a precompiled adb.


Still, when I execute my rule service it says that the provider assembly is missing.

I have triple checked that the .server file and .dmanager file is set to use serializedprojectloader (dmanager loads adb blobs from a database).


This in turn means I also have to load all the transitive dependencies of my providers (web service frameworks, database drivers amongst other things) , which is really not wanted in the application hosting the rule service.


Any explanation/solution for this problem?