Gaurav Malhotra

Blaze 6.9 RMA in VJ# 2.0

Discussion created by Gaurav Malhotra on Jul 9, 2012
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I need to develop RMA with proper Authentication and Authorization as per organisation's  Enterprise guidelines with Secure Login mechanism.


First i generated RMA and it came in XSLT language but we were expecting it in ASP.Net.


Then I generated Classic RMA. Now generated RMA code has below details:


Solution: Built on Visual Studio 2010, .Net Framework 4.0

Language: ASP.Net used with Language as VJ# 2.0


We are aware of ASP.Net BUT we do not know VJ#. RMA is the crucial part of our implementation of Blaze for this project.


Please help me if i can generate RMA with general ASP.Net code.


Please reply asap.