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Help with Mosel Xpress

Question asked by Guest on Jun 26, 2012
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I am new to this group. I am a PhD student working in mosel xpress. 

I have few questions to start with,


1. When to use (=) and when to use (   :=    ). I am not sure about that. 


2. Also I am getting error msg:


error101: incompatible types in assignment ('real' = 'linctr' not defined )


forall(t in T|t>2)I(t) := sum(j in J) (C(j,t)+ C(j,t-1)+ C(j,t-2))*2/3 +


sum(j in J)(TC(j,j)*Z(j,t)) +

sum(j in J,k in K)(PC(j,k)*L(k,j,t))


Looking forward for your respnse.