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Weird Issue - Class present but not found.

Discussion created by Sunil Katti on Jun 18, 2012
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I am developing an application for a .net client and have a .Net BOM which has a certain class called 'Provider'.

Prob Statement: I am trying to code a for each loop on the Provider which I will be getting from the input in the form of a list. However whenever I write the statement and compile -

"for each Provider in ProviderList do ..." I receive an error which says -

Error: Cannot find 'Provider'. Expected a class or type name.


Tried these:

  1. Created an internal class Provider and it quickly pops a message that Provider exists.
  2. Added a function parameter which is of the type "Provider". 'Provider' class/type shows up in the drop down and the parameter gets created but it fails on compilation giving the same message above.
  3. Replaced the DLL, rebuilt the BOM.
  4. Deleted the BOM and created a fresh one with fresh DLL.