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.NET remote debug + precompiled rule service

Discussion created by Andreas Nilsen on Jun 7, 2012
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I'm trying to use the remote debugging facilities of the Builder IDE. I'm using a precompiled rule server (compiled through the NdAdvisorCompiler API) with a deployment manager, and the .server file is set up with the default remote debugging parameters.


I start the listener in Builder and start a unit test invoking the rule service, and after around 1 minute I get an error in Builder saying:


"The project opened for debugging does not match the one used to create the remote agent. Remote agent running in Service 'xxx'. Server 'xxx' on host 'yyy'. Remote debugger connection 'zzz'."


The project opened is the same as the one deployed.

The adb file is compiled based on the latest rule repository code.

Are there some special considerations to be taken when trying to remote debug a precompiled rule service (with dmanager)? I don't quite understand the part in the doc that says you can debug "(...) a pre-compiled project built using Builder". What does that mean? That you can't use the command line utility or the API to build it? How do you build a pre-compiled project from withìn Builder?