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.NET newgen RMA & Forms Authentication?

Discussion created by Andreas Nilsen on May 29, 2012
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I'm trying to roll a SSO solution using .NET newgen RMA & Forms authentication. I have previously made a PoC with SSO in the oldgen RMA based on forms authentication and cookies,reading them with a custom class in initRepository.aspx.


I want to create a cookieless SSO solution with the newgen RMA, and I'm currently facing 2 obstacles:

1: When I set up forms authentication, using IE dev tools I can see that several GET's are made to the redirected authentication page on the located in the other application, but the redirect is not done in the RMA window. I have tried enabling/disabling sign-on page in the RMA options.

2: I know I need to create a custom NdInitRepositryHandler and override getRmaUser/Password, but I don't know how I should fetch the session from here or where to insert the credentials from the authentication ticket in the session earlier, as the SSO example bundled in the Java version of BA is not directly applicable.