Gaurav Malhotra

Urgent: One RMA - Different Version of repository

Discussion created by Gaurav Malhotra on May 22, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2012 by Andreas Nilsen

 I am using Blaze 6.9 .Net version. I am trying to generate RMA for my project. But requirement in project is bit different. I have to give an added functionality in RMA to select specific version of repository within One RMA URL.


 For ex: I have 3 version of repository RepoA, RepoB, RepoC (based on 3 ongoing releases)in development environment. Now Business User want to see all the versions of rules in single RMA. Because different User is supporting different  releases, so I need to give a functionality in Login page only, as a dropdown where business user should see all the available versions of repository and can select as per there need and corresponding repository should be loaded into RMA.


Please tell me in detail as I have not much idea of playing with RMA .Net backend code as I belong to Java World.


Its Urgent.. Please reply if anyone has expertise on it.