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Rule Agent & Recycle Policy

Discussion created by Gaurav Malhotra on May 8, 2012
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My project has to deal with millions of records and i have Class Library (.DLL) deployment architecture where multi-threading is implemented on .Net side.


I am not sure about how to configure No. of rule agent and recycle policy in Blaze Advisor to handle large number of request. In Blaze server file we have default value of

<NumAgents> 10 </NumAgents> and <RecyclePolicy> 0 </RecyclePolicy>


1. Do i need to increase num of rule agent when i know i am going to be hit million of records in timespan of 3 hours daily. Multi-threading and load balancing is done by .Net side?


2. What does this   RecyclePolicy> 0 </RecyclePolicy means. Please elaborate it more than given in Blaze help?


3. Do i need to take care of something else apart from above two factors to handle much load?


Thanks in Advance!!!!