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Number of Rules in Decision Table Instance

Discussion created by Gaurav Malhotra on May 8, 2012
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In my project, there are plenty of rules which are initially normalized as 300-500 Rules in four Decision Tables each. My concern is:


1. Do we have any standard number of rules can be accomodated in a Decision Table Instance? (5-6 conditions & 2-3 Actions)


2. Does the number of rule greater than 200 degrade the performance while actual rules excution? (Table details as above)


3. Since we have to normalize the tables and have to write generic rules for ex: I cannot keep Condition colum as BOM element. I have to keep it generic like Condition#1..2 etc. In this case, if one rule has 5 conditions and 2nd has only 3 conditions then for 2nd rule 3 Cells would be N/A. So based  on this pattern there would be plenty of N/As would be in a table. How can we avoid N/As in that case?


Hoping reply immediately!!!!