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Issue in Blaze Rules Deployment in Weblogic 10 and EJB3

Discussion created by teena mathew on Mar 29, 2012
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Deployment files are generated with 'weblogic 10.3 JAX-WS' option set from blaze. classpath is set in setenv.

Generated Bean file is extending NdStatelessEjb3ServerBean.

After Build.bat executed, it is throwning the following compilation error,


[jwsc] Processing 1 JAX-WS web services...
     [jwsc] warning: Annotation types without processors: [javax.ejb.Stateless,
javax.annotation.Resource, javax.ejb.TransactionAttribute, javax.annotation.Pos
Construct, javax.annotation.PreDestroy]
     [jwsc] error: Classes annotated with @javax.jws.WebService must not have a
stract methods. Class: com.blazesoft.server.deploy.NdServerDeploymentBase Metho
: createServer
     [jwsc] 1 error
     [jwsc] 1 warning


Please help,