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More documentation on customizing a generated RMA.

Discussion created by Neil Graham on Mar 22, 2012
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Is there any additional information on how to customize a generated RMA?  In particular, I am looking at help with:



  1. 1) I18N support - how to I localize the Application Title, custom errors, and more importantly, how do I localize the display section in a template? For example,  If I have a string representing a rule "a drivers age is " <VH> in my template, how do I support multiple locales for this? Is it possible to reference resource bundles from the RMA/template ?  Can I add my own locales beyond the half a dozen or so supported by the RMA?  I find the documentation for what must be a common problem woefully lacking on this.
  2.  Extending handlers to add additional functionality.
  3.  Any additional help on using workspaces in an RMA


I guess I'm looking for more detailed documentation/tutorials/examples than what is provided with the documentation set for customizing the RMA (which tells you what is there, but not how to do any of the above