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COBOL Date Provider

Discussion created by Alan Demmin on Mar 10, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2012 by Jostein Ulseth

I am working with a COBOL deployment and I would like to override the internal Date Provider to create a new customized COBOL Data Provider.  The reason is, I would like to still have the calendar selector tool available in the RMA, but I want the ability to override both the Display Format and the Stored/Instance Format to values that can be used directly within integer comparisons for COBOL.  This includes all of the formats declared for the portable() functions (i.e. yyyyMMdd, yyyyddd, etc...)


The internal Date Provider only allows choosing display formats for short, medium, long, and full.  However, this wouldn't solve the problem anyway, because no matter what display value is chosen, the date is stored within the instance in the generic date format dd-MMM-yyyy.  This is the format used for a placeholder within the SRL.


Also, the internal Date Provider is not listed within the API documentation.  I am wondering if there is any limitation preventing me from extending the internal class com.blazesoft.template.engine.provider.NdDateProvider?


I have tried to pursue this by converting the Date Provider value within the SRL using portable() functions, however using a placeholder for the Date Provider generates an error because these functions are for converting between internal real/integer representations and their formatted values, not between date types which are not allowed for COBOL deployments anyway.


Does anyone know of a reason why I can't pursue extending the internal Date Provider class and override the argument and display/instantiation methods to achieve my desired results?  Is there another way to pursue this?


I thought I would ask the forum before I head down a rabbit hole.