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Declaring and initializing arrays in a single SRL statement.

Discussion created by Sunil Katti on Mar 9, 2012
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I wanted to know if we had a simple way of initializing arrays in SRL like -

aStrArray is an array of string initially {"abc", "pqr"}.


I know this works in SRL

aStrArray is an array of string initially {it[0] = "abc", it[1] = "pqr"}.

It would be nice not to mention the it[] everytime. There are places where I have had to write enormous initialization statements and having it simple helps.

Also, the above statement, that works in SRL, will not work when I am putting it in a variable. I always received an " 'it' does not refer to any object in this context" error message. Appreciate if someone could shed light on that as well.


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