Kelvin Au

Blaze Advisor Cobol native vs Blaze Advisor under WebSphere (both under zOS)

Discussion created by Kelvin Au on Mar 8, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2012 by Alan Demmin

We need a new quotation engine and two key non functional requirement (a) Optimize MIPS consumption and (b) Minimum impact to mainframe application developed in Cobol


At the moment we are thinking to go for  Blaze Advisor  (COBOL code generation) under zOS”.


We wants to understand if the combination running Blaze Advisor under WebSphere zOS + local adapter can yield (1) “Better/Optimize MIPS consumption” and at the same time achieve (2) “Minimum impact to existing Cobol Application” and (3) We also need to consider the solution from the cost effectives point of view.


1. Any people have similar experience ?

2. What are consideration points ?

3. Any chance Blaze under WebSphere zOS will consume less MIPS compare the native Cobol version ?


Any input is welcome