Suchitra Raghupathi

Blaze exception in migration.

Discussion created by Suchitra Raghupathi on Mar 2, 2012
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I am getting this exception while migrating my project from Blaze 6.1 to Blaze 6.10.


com.blazesoft.template.engine.NdTemplateUnsatisfiedReferenceException: Unable to resolve reference 'Value Holder1' from a placeholder at instantiation node: 'vhRuleset.Value Holder4[0]'



com.blazesoft.template.engine.NdMissingArgumentException: Argument 'class' missing for provider 'com.blazesoft.template.repository.provider.NdPromSrlClassPropertyTypeProvider'


I have used Type operator provider, class properties provider, property type provider srl entities provider, srl-entity type provider.


Please let me know how do I resolve this.