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How to add value list provider with the existing Type operator provider?

Discussion created by sandy k on Feb 29, 2012
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    I have created one Type operator provider and value list provider in one project.


     Now our requirement is in the existing Type operator provider values, i want to add the  value list provider in the existing Type operator provider and show it in one single choice box.


    When i tried to do the Customization in Type operator provider, its rendering either only one provider values only in RMA based on the Customized SRL Type.


   Say for eg: if i put a "String" in Customized SRL type of Type operator provider,

    it shows the value of value list provider. where as if i put "type operator" in Customized provider, it shows the list of values of Type operator provider.


   Please advise how to add type operator provider with value list provider and show both the values in one list box.