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Decision tree on Amount

Discussion created by Niek Knijnenburg on Jan 31, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2012 by Spar

We are using a BOM which comes from "xsd to Java to Blaze"

Amounts like Vehicle.CurrentMarketValue are xs:decimal in the xsd.

In the Java classes generated with JAXB it is converted to java.math.BigDecimal. Always good for financial stuff/amounts. I don't want to go to float/double/real. Lateron I will also have calculations on these kinds of fields like for Insurance premium.

Importing the Java class in Blaze keeps the java.math.BigDecimal.

Going to money will be difficult, because I don't have currencytype easily available.


Now how would I build a user-friendly decision-tree on the Vehicle.CurrentMarketValue.

If I use this property in a decision-tree, the templates suggested are only for scale (BigDecimal.scale).


I would like to have something like:

if Vehicle.CurrentMarketValue > 100,000 then ...


Any suggestions on this?