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Update Workspace through java API

Discussion created by Sandeep Gautam on Jan 26, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2012 by Spar

My Query: I would like to know, is there any API available in blaze advisor to update workspace pragmatically?


We are trying to create a batch process to create a .adb file and move newely created .adb file in Blaze server .


This batch process will do following tasks…

  1. Update workspace   
  2. Create .adb file
  3. Stop the Blaze Server
  4. Move .adb file into Blaze Server
  5. Start Blaze Server

From Task2 to Task5, we have written the batch program. 

For Step1 we are searching API's but we have not found any contents in Blaze document. At present we click on update link in blaze IDE and updating the workspace manually.


kindly please give me your view on this issue, "whether is it achievable or not?".