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Remote Debugging

Discussion created by Suchitra Raghupathi on Dec 31, 2011
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I recently read Remote Debugging from the online Blaze documentation



I created a project with 3 deployment entities:- Rule Service Definition, Deployment Definition, System Definition.

I released the project and then created Rule Service Deloyment.I changed the client file by providing values for the arguments needed to execute Blaze rules.

I executed the script Build.Bat which generates the class files for Client, Server and Runner java files.I invoked the Remote debugging mode in Blaze Builder IDE.I executed Run.bat which processes client request against Blaze rules and generates the result.
From the command prompt, I am able to execute the client request.

In this case, the client and deployed application is in the same physical machine.Is it possible to have the client and the Blaze application in different physical machines.


I wud like to know how do i go abt configuring the client and the server to achieve this.


There is no clarity abt this in Blaze documentation.