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Issue facing in SRL content of Blaze.

Discussion created by Krithika Lakshmi Narayanan on Dec 26, 2011
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In Blaze IDE, how to use the document list.

Previously if you using document which is containing more documents inside that we can directly specify the name with dot seperator.


For Example : Document Employee as two inner documents personal Info(Name,Address,..etc) and Official Info (office email, office address,..etc.,)

in this type to access Name we will directly in SRL content as below


Employee.personalInfo.Name = "xxxx";


Instead of this if we want to use DocumentList inside the Document

Example lets have Document Employee with document list personal Info and Document official Info, then how handle this type of document in Blaze SRL Content.


since if you give



then its not showing Name, Address..list , Instead showing $value, count ....etc.


so im not able to handle the value inside the document list.

Is there any other way to handle These type of document..