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Writing rules in Blaze Advisor using SRL for DB Connection

Discussion created by pranay jairath on Dec 24, 2011
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I am newBie to writing rules.I have primarily been involved with deployment ,developement of blaze repository.I have a requirment where in i need to write a blaze rule .In my java application code i already have the trigger points defined which would invoke the blaze rule that i would be writing in the blaze IDE.Now when in the Blaze IDE i have three java objects which are already imported to my IDE and they are available to my rulset defined.Based on a certian parameter i will retrieve fom theese objects i need to get certain results from my application database.How can i do this in my rule?I have the query which would fetch the results.Can i query the database using SRL inside my rulset.If yes,Please post the pseudo synatx for SRL .Or is there any better approach to do this?I dont wanna use decision tables or RMA for the same.