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Custom Provider to dynamically populate the fields of a database provider

Discussion created by Subha Sankar Sarkar on Nov 16, 2011
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Need to develop a custom provider, which will read the contents from a property file and will update the drivername, dbURl, username and password of a database provider dynamically so that when we open the rule maintenance application, we will be able to fetch respective databases.


Using the example, i tried to create a custom provider, which can be statically overwritten as DriverName or dbUrl and fetch the respective data but i am not able to fetch the value from java layer to the blaze end.


The sysouts given in the java file suggests that the value is rightly picked but am not able to fetch the value in the value holder of the template i created. 


When i am trying to display the value in the display part of the template, though there are hard coded part that should be displayed any way in the instance., nothing is being displayed.


This is very urgently needed and am not able to find any clue.


Please suggest. Need it very urgently.