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Decision Table And Dynamic Action cell

Discussion created by Ramakrishnan Manickam on Oct 7, 2011
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Hi Every One


We have a requirement where we are planning to have a decision table for example a decision table with 2 condition cells and a action cell. If the condition satisfies the action is applied. The challenge we have is to get a dynamic action for the action cell. For example assume that the decision table accepts a parameter called employee, we need to use certain properties of the employee object to do some computation and assign the value back to a different property


employee.Bonus = (employee.Salary * 0.25) + 1000


There can be N number of such conditions varying from row to row. We understand that we have a free SRL to key in the cell, but we would like to show these contents as a optional drop down so that the user can either write a rule if required selecting the drop down or simply assign some value based on the need.


employee.Bonus = (employee.Salary * 0.25) + 1000 (OR) employee.Bonus = 1000


I am comfortable getting this part "employee.Bonus = 1000" which is straight forward. but showing the parameters property as a drop down along with options to extend using and/or operators and parenthesis??


I saw a formula template, but that's not working with decision table.


How do we achieve this?


Please help.