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Blaze Accessing External Local Files

Discussion created by TJ Barber on Oct 5, 2011
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I am testing some functionality by attempting to access an excel file on my machine, locally. I have imported the jar file which contains all the classes and methods that I would need to do so. The code compiles and is logically sound, but I get a runtime error indicating the that file I am trying to access was "unknown." I can surmise that the path to the file is wrong or that I do not have the necessary classes to handle this code.



1. Does Blaze share Java's file access protocols (program can only access a file within its current directory, sub directory, or special access is granted)?


2. Is there a better way to read/write to local files with Blaze?


Test Code (an excel file with jxl.jar imported):


a1 is some Workbook;
a1.getWorkbook(io_File.newInstance("C:\\Blaze\\Advisor67\\Test Excel\\Book1.xls"));
b2 is some Sheet;
b2 = a1.sheet[0];
print("" b2.getCell(1,1));


Runtime Error:


com.blazesoft.engines.rules.NdEvaluationException: Evaluation error
Expression produces unexpected value: unknown.
unknown while evaluating t.newInstance("C:\\Blaze\\Advisor67\\Test Excel\\Book1.xls")


The ultimate goal is to read an excel file, format the data into xml test files, and then to read those xml files for test runs.

Thank you.