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Reg: Dmanager file arguments for connection to a versioned repository

Discussion created by Mrinal Rikka on Oct 3, 2011
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Can anyone tell me what can be the arguments to be given for connecting to a versioned repository(private bvs) in Dmanager file.

Usually for a file repo(no versioning), the following is the content of dmanager file to access the repository


   <JavaName> com.blazesoft.server.innovator.NdWorkspaceAccessor </JavaName>

    <Factory> com.blazesoft.repository.file.NdFileRepositoryConnection </Factory>
    <Name> ... </Name>
    <RepositoryFolder> ... </RepositoryFolder>
    <RepositoryName> xyz </RepositoryName>


  <JavaName> com.blazesoft.server.rules.NdRulesProjectPromInnovatorLoader </JavaName>
  <MapAllPropertiesEnabled> false </MapAllPropertiesEnabled>
  <Project> /Project/Project </Project>


Here, in case of versioned repo what can be the factory class? (is it - com.blazesoft.repository.scm.NdScmServerConnection ??)

and what can be the other tags associated with the factory class.


Please suggest