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Discussion created by Mohan kumar on Sep 27, 2011
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Hi All,

  •              While i create table using <table> tag in Ruleset template it's taking much of space above the table defaulty when it's displaying in RMA . 
  •              Whether it's possible to reduce that unnecessary space?.


  •              Also, i created a value holder, it's type is a code template and it's count is 1 or more.In display field it place tat place holder inside table tag like this

               <table><tr> (place holder) </tr></table>


            and in that code template(type of Value holder) i mention like this

                 <td>Name</td>   <td>Age</td>


and in RMA if the count will be increased means it's not alligned in proper. The no of Action(cross) button is coming above and the table is displaying below. It's not displaying in the straight line.


              So, plz tell any other way to display in correct allignment