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Discussion created by Keerti Kumar More on Sep 26, 2011
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We need to count the number of rules that have fired from a certain group in order to make a final decision on a application. What would be the best way to do this ?

We have been working on designing a CDA flow for our credit cards and have faced some limitations with Capstone and wanted to confirm our understanding. Any suggestions/inputs/comments for the below questions are greatly appreciated.
1) The rulesets seem to only output decisions and decision reasons. Is a ruleset unable to assign values to variables? i.e. if the rule fires, set flag to Yes or set variable A = 200..
2) We have based our flow to the assumption that CDA can read from the processing history while still processing. All our rulesets have a naming convention which reflects the decision for the rule. (i.e. rs_P_CLCard_Score_080 is a recommend approved rule) So in order to count the number of rules that have fired within the same iteration, we created a data method which counts the number of rules by checking their names. Please see below:
xCount := 0;
for every Application.ProcessingHistory.DecisionFlowHistory.DecisionFlowStepHistory.RulesetHistory.RuleHistory relative to Application do
 xResult := right(RuleName,3);
 if(xResult = “080” or xResult = “090”) then
 xCount := xCount + 1;
number_referral_rules := xCount;
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the above questions and I can clarify. Any help would be appreciated.
3) We want to use the severity levels and/or reason rank orders from a rule that have fired in a separate data method in order to make some additional decisions. Is it possible to use these variables in a datamethod? What would be the best way to do this?
4) We have been told that a variable which has been created within a data method (local) cannot be used in another data method unless it is defined in the Data Model. Due to this reason, we have been avoiding creating dummy variables where we can carry information from one data method to another. Is this a limitation?
Any help would be appreciated.