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Decision tables with action cell containing string array

Discussion created by Luis Cordeiro on Aug 30, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2011 by Luis Cordeiro
Hi, I have a requirement where for a set of conditions (two to be exact) result in populating a string array for each condition. Because of the nature and number of rules a single axis by column decision table seemed a perfect fit for my requirement. The wizard works fine and I am able to create the decision table with the necessary parameters. Nevertheless the cell where a 'list' is supposed to be available to be populated produces a strange result. The generated SRL is (on an instance): if ((in_var1 = 'W') and (myClass.in_var2 = 'T')) then { myClass.myResultingList[] = ''. } where 'integer0' and 'values' are authomatic generated placeholders On the decision table instance there is no way to add more rows on the resulting list on each cell. It only show up the 'integer' and the 'value' inside the cell. I tried to alter the placeholder count properties to be '0 or More' with no success. Because the Builder accepts these variable types on the decison table wizard I want to believe this is possible. Is this possible? Thanks