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Discussion created by Mohan kumar on Aug 4, 2011
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Hi All,
  •  I have a code template where i display two text box in a table as two columns.
  • In my main template i have place this code template in a VH with count 1 or more. Now when i add a rule through RMA , the delete icon "X"
    is displayed in one line and my table row (i.e 2 columns) displays in another line. Also that columns are not in similar alignment, it's in zigzag position. And the position of 2nd column moves automatically depend on the first column text.

       I want my delete icon as well as code template textbox to get displayed in a same row. i.e delete icon, textbox1 , textbox 2 as 3 columns of table. 
    Also, the no of textbox 2 also display in same vertical line.
  • kindly please tell me if there is any way to do this.