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Next Gen RMA Deployment Issues

Discussion created by Prageet Dak on May 23, 2011
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Facing some issues while deploying next gen RMA on tomcat 5.5 Steps I am following to deploy is the same as classic RMA.


1. Folder in which Classic RMA is getting generated, copying that folder to C:/Tomcat/webapps folder and then restarting tomcat. It's picking up correctly.


Now the same steps I am following for Next Gen RMA too, but it's not picking the files correctly which in turn saying me 'No Page Found'. I understood that my war file is not deployed.


In order to deploy I copied my rma.war into webapps foilder but still it's not getting deployed.


Is there any specific steps I need to take care of while deploying next gen RMA. While deploying on local tomcat provided by blaze it does picks up the things correctly. Also let me know how to approach for the authenticaiton in next gen as jsp concept is not available.


Cconfiguration is as follows:


JDK1.5 and Tomcat 5.5 and Blaze 6.10


Please let me know the correct solution for this. Any pointers will be helpful.