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Priority Type is disabled for all the rules

Discussion created by Joy Kola on May 9, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by Jostein Ulseth

For Decision Table,

my understanding how rules are executed in a ruleset is that the first row is executed first.  If the first rule is not applicable, then the second rule/row, and then so on.


I have input cells A, B, C, and action cell Z.

The first rule instance is, A > 50, B = N/A, C = N/A, and Z = result1.

In another word, the first rule says, if A > 50 and B=true and C=true, then result1 for Z.

For some reason this rule gets applied only when value A is provided.

When value B and C are provided in addition to value A, it does not result to result1.


What am I missing?


So, I tried to set the Priority type to be immediate or the Priority level, but it's grayed out and won't accept any value.  (the instance is checked-out from BVS).  What do I need to enable the priority?