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How to use an ruleset input array on a java method

Discussion created by Pedro Lino de Sousa on Apr 28, 2011
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I am having some problems in integrating java in a ruleset, and I will appreciate your help.


I have a java class Diagnostic that has a method with this signature:


  public boolean checkRules(String[] inList){


        if(inList != null){

            return true;


            return false;




On the Java Business Object Model, the class was registered with success and the method is showed like this:


checkRules(fixed array of string): boolean


I am trying to use this method ruleset, that receives as input an object that has, among other fields, an array of Strings:




                -diagnostics:array of string


The input parameter of the ruleset was given the name Action, and a pattern aDiagnostic was created to encapsulate the access to the java class


On the first rule of the rule set I have the following code:


if ((aDiagnostic.checkRules(Action.diagnostics)))



   Action.action = "none";


Compiling I have the following error:


Error: The '' class does not have any matching 'checkRules' method.

There is no method that matches the signature:



I think the difference is precisely on the "fixed" prefix. I assume that I have to, in some way, clarify that the array of the Action object input is also with fixed.


Am I on the right track? Can you please help me on this?


Thanks in advance,

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