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Decision Table with a String Array as the input

Discussion created by Pedro Lino de Sousa on Apr 14, 2011
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I have a requirement in a decision table and I would appreciate any help because I just don't see how will I be able to get this done.


As input, the table will receive a String array. In each cell condition of the table I can have multiple "or's" and/or "and's" beteween strings from a value list holder:



CPE -Corrente
Lacete - Funcionamento
DAS - NetN


In this particular instance example we need the behavior to be in each cell iterate the input string array and validate the condition ("Diagnostic" column) in each cell:


1)On the first cell if at least one of the input strings  is "CPE- Corrente" or "Lacete - Funcionamento"

2)On the second cell, validate if at least one of the input strings is "DAS - Net"


I have tried to put a foreach instruction on srl content of the equals in order to iterate the input array:


for each diagnostic in parameter1.diagnostics ( diagnostic = "<value>")


but in the end this instruction goes to if on the instance table:


if (for each diagnostic in parameter1.diagnostics ( ( ...


And this is wrong, of corse.


Can please someone help me? Any help would be appreciated.


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