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Authentication in BVS Respository

Discussion created by Prageet Dak on Mar 17, 2011
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I have to do authentication in RMA or IDE. For that I have created one Test class in which I have implement NdRepositoryAuthorizationManager interface. In openConnection Method take the user name and password from repository support and checking for the correct user from LDAP.


Post this in BVS I have localRepo and Master Repo. In MasterRepo at the root level that is com.repository.config.cfg file is there in which have put down the tag of authorization that is



 <JavaName>Fully Qualified Name of Custom Class</JavaName>



and include the jar in the class path.


Now whenever I connect to repository and the user I have given at the time of creation of BVS is changed to another user which is present in LDAP it's giving me errors. Not authenticating the user which I am gettign from LDAP. Some null is coming out.


Questions here is :


1. How to configure the authentication in repository?

2. Is this applicable in IDE or RMA?

3. Approched used correct or not as furnished above?


Please let me know this as early as possible.