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Decision Tree - Passing argument to a List Provider

Discussion created by shailesh p on Feb 24, 2011
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I have a decision tree. User can select a value on the first node of the tree. Based on the selection in first node, the values in next node need to be displayed. The values in next node are retrieved using A Provider. We need to pass the selected value on first node to the Provider which is used in second node. For this, we are trying to pass it as argument. How can we set it as argument for the Provider?? I am new to FICO so step by step approach would be helpful.


As an example consider the following scenario.


1. First node show a list of Countries. User selects a Country in first node.

2. On second node, We need to display cities in selected country.

3. The list of Countries is provided by CountryProvider and list of cities is provided by CityProvider. We need to pass the selected Country to the CityProvider so that this provider can fetch cities in the country.


How can we pass the country to the CityProvider???


Thanks in advance.