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Easy tutorial for BASIC RMA requirements?

Discussion created by jprog101 Osborne on Feb 23, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2011 by Tom Sheckells

Hi,  Does anyone have a link to a basic guide to creating a RMA?  I am trying this functionality, to create an application with 1 rule template, with 1 variable.  I'd just like to get to the point where it can generate the page, and I'll add details later. 

I've gotten as far as creating a Rule Template, and adding it as an Entity Provider in a Ruleset Template.  When I generate the RMA, the only thing that displays is the text I have in the RuleSet Template, with no area for users to create a rule from the template. 


The documentation is tough -- every sentence contains the words Template, Entity, Provider, Value Holder, PlaceHolder, and such about 50 times.  I can't find a basic "get started" "Hello World" type of guide. 


The examples in the tutorial seem to only use Decision Tables.  There are rules there, but they are so nested in templates/rulesets/instances I can't figure out what the required structure needs to be. 


Any help is appreciated!