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Configuring rule server at runtime

Discussion created by Siva raj on Feb 22, 2011
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I have written a ServiceMonitorFactory and SericeAgentMonitorFactory in which i am trying to print the events. if i configure the respective tags inside the server configuation file and when i start the server and run the client, i am able to view the events processed (With System outs dumped on the screen from the monitors).


example configuration:



The problem what i am facing is when i am trying to set these above mentioned factories during runtime, i am not able to view any of the events.(none of the System outs are printing on the screen). But the rule is getting executed.

Sample code :


public void runExample(String[] args)
  try {
   // Create the server
   String serverConfig = (args.length > 0) ? args[0] : _SERVER_CONFIG;
   Server server = (Server)Server.createServer(serverConfig);

   NdServerConfig config = server.getServerConfig();
   NdServiceConfig[] serviceConfig = config.getServiceConfig();

   NdServiceAgentMonitorFactory[] sss = new NdServiceAgentMonitorFactory[1];
   sss[0] = new NdServiceAgentMonitorFactory("qdtest.ServiceAgentMonitor");

   NdServiceMonitorFactory[] sm = new NdServiceMonitorFactory[1];
   sm[0] = new NdServiceMonitorFactory("qdtest.ServiceMonitor");


   // Create the client of the server
   Client client = new Client(server);

   // Run the client;

   // Shut down the Server server instance

  catch (Exception ex) {




Kindly help me in this regards. Also suggest me if this is the correct way of doing it and how to achive it.