Neil Graham

Is it possible toassign a Ruleset Template implementation to a Task Template implementation?

Discussion created by Neil Graham on Jan 21, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2011 by Andrei Palskoi


I'm attempting to allow RMA users to add new rules to a ruleset and associate the ruleset to a new task in a ruleflow.

I have a local Ruleflow Template with a Task Template (via a Node Placeholder) that has a Template List Provider to choose which Ruleset Template to add to the task. (similar to the Merchandising Example provided, but instead of a Functional List  Provider as in the example, I'm using a Template List Provider)

When editing the instance, I:

  1. Create a new Task Template in the Ruleflow Template
  2. Select a Ruleset Template from the Template List Provider for the Task
  3. Add a new rules to the Ruleset via a Rule Template (i.e. I can add new rules to the ruleset)

This does what I want from a RMA user point of view, but the implementation for the  ruleset is not created (it is not in the SRL code preview) and the implementation assigned to the task is empty.

Is it possible to do this or do I need to create a the ruleset instance first and then  assign it to the ruleflow?