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RMA in BA 6.10 - can't open instance when hosted on server

Discussion created by Nikki Conley on Jan 10, 2011
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I have upgraded my bvs repository from 6.9 to 6.10.  When I generate the RMA on my computer, I can open the instance files, edit, and check them back in.  The repository is a BVS private.  When I generate the RMA from my server (server 2003 IE version 8), I can open the rma and navigate.  The moment I click an instance I get the following error:


Application Error
 Application encountered unexpected server error. Please check server log for details.
There is no entry in any log file that I can find.  I have done comparisons between my machine and the server and so far I cannot find any differences.  My business users want to take advantage of the new features in the 6.10 RMA.  We currently use the classic RMA in the 6.9 version.