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Regarding Instance Opening

Discussion created by Prageet Dak on Dec 8, 2010
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I am migrating my project from Blaze 6.1 to Blaze 6.8. Versioning I am using Blaze BVS. When I am done with migration, I have some of the instances which are working fine in 6.1 , not even opening correctly in Blaze 6.8. 


There are some custom providers we are using, with those providers if suppose we create new instance in Blaze 6.8 then it's work fine. Existing one which had been migrated are creating fuss.


Error I get is :


 Error at node 'vhRuleset.vhLocalVariable[0].vhClass': Node
 'vhRuleset.vhLocalVariable[0].vhClass' contains the value 'ABC'
 which is not one of its allowed values. The set of allowed values is empty.


ABC is just a class in our object model. Likewise there are many classes.


Please let me know the possible cause for this. I debug my custom providers also for this but when I saw in console then it's getting properly printed all the SRL type which is getting loaded.