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Passing values from decision table instance to a ruleset instance.

Discussion created by Sunil Katti on Dec 7, 2010
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Hi all,


The designers/architects in my company want me to design blaze in such a manner that they insert a set of values in a decision table and those values are also seen in a ruleset template in the "Display Format" section. (So that they can see the same values in the decision table and the ruleset in RMA).

I have tried convincing them that it would create unnecessary redundancies besides complicating the code, but in vain.


So here's me putting all you blaze experts out there this query -


Suppose I have a decision table which contains a set of values. I want these values to be available to a ruleset template which I can then use to display my rules.


For example - Suppose car insurance is only given to a person who has a valid license and is above 24 years of age.

My decision table looks like this -


License Validity




>= 24 years 



Not Applicable


Not Applicable

< 24 years



My ruleset template (display format) looks like this -


 If the age of the driver is <<greater than or equal to>> << 24 years>> and his license is <<Valid>> then his insurance eligibility status is <<TRUE>>


The << >> represents the values that I want to pick from the decision table.


Thank you for your time,