Swaroop Oggu

6.9.1 RMA Deployment On websphere 7

Discussion created by Swaroop Oggu on Nov 24, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2011 by Tim Owen



When iam trying to access the RMA which is prepared and deployed(.war) in RAD using the generated files from 6.9.1 builder IDE.  following exception is thrown while 


Failed to construct instance of class 'com.blazesoft.template.repository.impl.NdDefaultRomSchemaManager'. Constructor args: (com.blazesoft.template.repository.config.NdRomSchemaManagerConfig@73607360, com.blazesoft.template.repository.impl.NdDefaultRomConnectionContext@67586758) Type 'SRL Event Rule' is unexpected.


Does any one have idea on this