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COBOL Deployment Issue

Discussion created by Alan Demmin on Sep 24, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2011 by Alan Demmin

I have encountered an issue with COBOL deployment with version 6.9.1.  I am unable to get past the final screen when running the Generate Deployment wizard.  At the final screen upon clicking Finish, nothing happens.  No error message is generated, no deployment files are generated, and the wizard dialog box remains open.


After properly creating the Deployment Entities (Rule Service Definition and Deployment Definition), when running the Generate Deployment wizard the first screen allows selection of the Rule Service and Deployment definitions correctly.  The final screen allows designation of the output path, but clicking Finish has no affect at all.  I have tried this with both a personal project and the COBOL Tutorial and experienced the same results.


This does not appear to be a licensing issue.  The same results are experienced with older COBOL license keys and newly requested COBOL license keys.  Also, I was able to successfully generate the COBOL deployment using Blaze Advisor 6.7 for both my own project and the tutorial.  The big difference is that version 6.7 does not include deployment entities, were they introduced through 6.8 or 6.9?


As a workaround I am attempting to use the deployment API, however this could be an issue that needs to be logged with technical support.