Tom Sheckells

Dynamic Overrides for a Custom Provider

Discussion created by Tom Sheckells on Sep 14, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2010 by Jostein Ulseth


     I need to create a custom provider that will take the values selected by other Value Holders and string them together to make a display string ( "Type = A, Set = B" is what will be displayed).  It will create something of a summary of the rule that was created so that this description is automatically displayed generated and displayed in the rule list rather than them having to type it out.  So, what I need is an example of how to create the parameters/arguments to the custom provider that can by dynamically or statically overridden and passed other value holders so that my custom provider can take the string labels (such as Type in the above example) and string it together with the selected value from a list provider (like the "A" was selected above).  The custom provider will receive a list of pairs of values, the text label (probably a static override) and then a parameter that is a dynamic override with a value holder being passed.  Then it will take all of the passed arguments and string them together to create the whole description string.


  Thanks in advance for your help